Welcome to Ohio's Prison System

Welcome to Ohio's Prison System

...Or at least my experience of it in words and pictures. See my blog entries along with photos.

I'll be adding photos for your viewing pleasure.

I'm out here for part2 pictures and their great series Hard Time for National Geographic. This is for season 2 that will air in February and March 2011.

Basketball Waiting

Basketball Waiting
A look inside an outdoor rec cage

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday with 1A

Spent the early part of the day outside in wonderful wind, cold, and blowing snow getting exteriors. Then went into the block and worked there from around 1:30p to 7p. Talked with lots of inmates, who after a weekend of fights, seemed to have loosened up to us. Not sure that one had anything to do with the other.

Posting some photos that are illuminating.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

We had a lot of snow today in Ohio. By tonight probably 5 inches and it's still snowing. We couldn't get into the prison today because it was a holiday. Instead we braved the weather and shot exteriors.

It was cold, windy, and oh yeah, snowing. We shot tripod and also a bunch of traveling shots from the car. First we set up the tripod in the mini-van (all seats disappear) and locked open the side door. Shot some slomo and high shutter speed. Really interesting look. (We're shooting on the Panasonic 900.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waiting for snow in Ohio

I thought that I would start a blog so that colleagues, students, friends, family and all can see what I'm up to.

I've been in Ohio since last Tuesday, barely making it in to Columbus from DC and having to wait out another storm Tuesday night. I have one more week of filming, then I head back east!

Well, more snow. 5-8 inches tonight and tomorrow. We'll try to shoot some scenics at Ross Prison. Slomo, high shutter, long lens. I'll post a couple of photos along the way too.

Well back to correcting papers.