Welcome to Ohio's Prison System

Welcome to Ohio's Prison System

...Or at least my experience of it in words and pictures. See my blog entries along with photos.

I'll be adding photos for your viewing pleasure.

I'm out here for part2 pictures and their great series Hard Time for National Geographic. This is for season 2 that will air in February and March 2011.

Basketball Waiting

Basketball Waiting
A look inside an outdoor rec cage

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This two-week stint is finally over and I'm home enjoying outside and "free-world" experiences back in NY. Lucasville is an intense place where inmates are constantly under controlled movement. Even those who are not handcuffed and chained when outside their cells, the general population prisoners who wear blue (while the 4b's are cuffed and wear orange), move with only twenty at a time.

This dedication is a direct result of the 11-day riot that happened in 1993 where a correction officer and several inmates were killed. There are 750 correction officers supervising about 1600 inmates.

When on the range we were constantly harangued by screaming inmates demanding attention. They complained about the food (it's terrible and there's not enough of it -- go figure), beatings, innocence and the need to tell their story to the Nat Geo man. Then there was the sexual verbal attacks. And among the worst were the Aryan Brotherhood attacks on Jews, Jews who run the media and won't let the real story of prison out, the Jews who edit the films we make and won't include the real scenes from being put into our shows, etc. Sick stuff. But maybe it's a gross amplification of racism and hatred that is becoming stronger in the free-world.

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